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Saturday, November 19, 2022

I've moved!

Hello - just a quick note to any visitors that I've moved my online presence, and this page will no longer be updated. I'm on Substack now, so either subscribe to get the following free posts three times a week in your inbox:

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...or bookmark this new page, and come check it out at your leisure.

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Open Submissions for Cemetery Dance Publications Paperback and Ebooks:

Open Submissions for Cemetery Dance Publications Paperback and Ebooks:

June 2nd - 30th

Looking for: novels, novellas, short story collections. No trilogies or series books at this time.

Genre: Horror - supernatural, thriller, cosmic, Gothic fiction, ecological horror, horror western, historical horror, body horror, found footage, quiet horror, splatterpunk, classic horror, or "dark fantasy" - as defined by the late Charles L. Grant. Not looking for straight science fiction or epic fantasy at this time.

Especially interested in work from poc, women, and the LGBTQ+ community (am not interested in debating this issue).

ALSO interested in horror told from a faith perspective (note the use of the word FAITH, and not CHRISTIAN exclusively).

Have a novella or novel which doesn't seem to be "horror enough" by others' standards? (Thinking of Robert Aikman, Flannery O'Connor, Franz Kafka) Send it in.

*Informally: Though they didn't do so well by their authors at the end, one of the things I always appreciated about Leisure Fiction was their range: they featured works by such disparate authors such as Gary Braunbeck, John Everson, Tim Lebbon, Sarah Pinborough, Mary Sangiovanni, Brian Smith, Nate Kenyon, Brian Keene, the late Tom Picirilli, and so many others. When I'm reading submissions over the next few weeks, this is something I'll be keeping firmly in mind.

*Note: At this time, I'm considering works for publication after April 2023.

Send submissions in .doc formats with a brief cover letter to: kevinlucia at, with SUBMISSION: TITLE in subject line. Format - double-spaced, with reasonably readable font.

Unfortunately, due to the high volume of submissions I'm expecting, my responses will be form emails in nature, and I won't be able to offer any advice as to why I didn't select your work, or what needs to be improved (lots of times nothing needs to be improved; it's just not what I'm looking for at that time).

I look forward to reading your submissions.

Friday, February 4, 2022

Review: Such Stuff As Screams Are Made Of

Such Stuff As Screams Are Made Of

Such Stuff As Screams Are Made Of by Robert Bloch
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

 This is my second Robert Bloch short story collection, and it won't be my last. Entertaining and intriguing stories, though a few of them haven't aged well in terms of gender and race, and after a while, the "Bloch twist" at the end of the stories loses its punch a little, not nearly as charming as a "Bradbury Twist" or as thought-provoking as a "Twilight Zone Twist." Even so, still a seminal speculative fiction writer who should be read by any young writer today.

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Thursday, February 3, 2022

Booklist Review of THE NIGHT ROAD

When we begin our insane journey as artists, we develop a wish-list of milestones. I've been fortunate enough to collect a few. Got another one recently: a coveted Booklist review for The Night Road, coming in paperback and ebook from Cemetery Dance Publications in April:

"A heartbreakingly beautiful, thought-provoking, and compelling read with an unforgettable protagonist." - Booklist
To say I'm over the moon and blown away would be an understatement.  The Night Road is one of my favorite works, and I can't for folks to start reading it. Pre-orders will open soon!

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Review: Every House is Haunted

Every House is Haunted Every House is Haunted by Ian Rogers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A wonderful, eclectic mix ranging from horror, science fiction, speculative fiction, weird fiction, and contemporary mythic fantasy.

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Story Origin - "The Girl Between the Slats" - Dancing With Tombstones

#horror #shortstory #ghoststory #Author Michael Aronovitz discusses the origin of his short story "The Girl Between the Slats," from his #CemeteryDance collection, DANCING WITH TOMBSTONES, which is available in paperback on Amazon, and which is now available in ebook at a special preorder price of .99.