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 "Dem Nudie Books" (Originally Published in Darkened Horizons 4)

Drowned - Full Cast Audio Play based on And I Watered It, In Tears

"The Sliding" (Originally published in Morpheus Tales Magazine)

"On A Midnight Black Chessie" (Originally published in For the Night is Dark)

"A Brother's Keeper "(Originally published in Raw: Brutality as Art)

"Bassler Road" (Originally published as "Darkness Road" in NexGen Pulp #1)

"Therapy"  (Originally published in Malpractice: An Anthology of Bedside Horror

"The Crayfish Gods" - Gavin Patchett Narratives

"The Soldier Returns" -  (Originally published in From the Shadows)

"The White Cat of Samara Hill" - Gavin Patchett Narratives 

"Sidewalk Scavenger" - Gavin Patchett Narratives 

"The Man Who Sits in His Chair" - Gavin Patchett Narratives 

"The Cairn" - Gavin Patchett Narratives