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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Mystery Road Ebook Sale!

Last Spring, at the height of the pandemic's first wave, I saw the publication of my first hardcover limited edition novella from Cemetery Dance Publications, Mystery Road. Copies are still available, and the ebook version is also available. It's one of my favorite stories, and it's also probably my most personal story, to date. Here's what some folks have said about it:

"Mystery Road is a beautifully written, poignant story about a man caring for his dying father and the memories that suddenly return to him after decades of forgetfulness." - Char's Horror Corner

"Mystery Road takes us back to Clifton Heights. This one is a ghost story of sorts, the best kind. I absolutely adored it. I'm impressed with Lucia and his storytelling ability. His voice is like none that I've read before. As always, I can't wait for my next trek through Clifton Heights." - Glen Rolfe, author of Blood & Rain



 "Mystery Road is a talented author’s personal variation on genre traditions. It’s so clearly and elegantly written that I couldn’t help but read the whole thing in one sitting."  -  Mike Thorn, author of The Dark Hours.

Limited Edition Hardcover
Ebook - .99 Sale!

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