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Things Slip Through

Welcome to Clifton Heights, New York. Just another average Adirondack town, and nice enough in its own right.

Except after dark, or under the pale light of the moon. Or in a very private doctor's office at Clifton Heights General Hospital, where no one can hear you scream. Or on a road out of town that never ends, or in an old house sitting on the edge of town with a mind - and will - of its own.

Maybe you shouldn't have left the interstate, my friend. Maybe you should've driven on to the next town.

But you didn't. You saw our sign, turned down our road, figuring on just a short stay. And maybe it will be.

Or maybe you'll never leave.

Anyway, pay a visit to The Skylark Diner. I'll be there. Pull up a chair and let me tell you about our town. It's nice enough, it really is.

Except after dark. Or on cold winter days when no one is around, and you're all alone... 

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Horror Novel Reviews - "I wasn’t sure how I wanted to rate the book after finishing it, but just this morning, found myself wanting to dive back into Clifton Heights and learn more. That’s the sign of a pretty amazing piece of fiction."

The Horror Fiction Reviews - "Lucia’s prose is dark, sharp, and inventive and kept me hooked—I read the book in two sittings. I, for one, hope to see some of these characters again, especially the villainous Dr. Jeffers and his disturbing hospital. I highly recommend it."

Shock Totem Publications - "Lucia knows what he’s doing. He has studied the masters and taken adequate notes and has written a classically structured, darkly fantastical book. A love letter to both 50s dark fantasy and 80s pulp horror, written in red and bound in heart. Things Slip Through is a solid and entertaining journey through a very strange town."

Sanitarium Magazine - "Kevin Lucia knows how to write characters, and how to seamlessly flow those characters into an overarching story.” 

Mass Movement Magazine - "...a collection that’s as disturbing as it is captivating..." - "The stories in Things Slip Through run the gambit of horror from Lovecraft-like creatures, to hard-core horror, to Bradburysque melancholy...."

FearNET - "There's a bit of the tone of The Twilight Zone and Amazing Stories in this enjoyable (and too short!) read...the descriptions are extremely vivid. With simple phrases, Lucia paints pictures of familiar and yet terrifying creatures. Having read other works by Mr. Lucia, I'd say this is one signature of his, and he uses his skills as a writer to draw in the reader without exposing the seams of the work."

Hellnotes - "Many of the characters in these stories are on the fringes of society, marginalized or coping with things they can’t quite seem to escape from. In writing about their lives, Lucia touches on racism, alcoholism, and abuse both physical and psychological. He does this with a deft and compassionate hand, which makes it that much more horrifying when characters are faced with the encroachment of unnatural, otherworldly things that they will almost certainly never escape from. That’s not to say that this book isn’t fun, because it is. It’s vividly imagined and moves at a brisk pace, but the sometimes b-movie-esque trappings effectively underscore these deeper issues."

Martin Rose's Reviews - "Small presses continue to deliver; and Crystal Lake is making a good investment in Kevin Lucia who offers up Things Slip Through. How to describe it? Chills and thrills with clever construction and tight prose."

Snake Bite Horror - "This book should be picked up by all, as it’s sure to appeal to anyone who loves great stories."


"An impressive debut collection from one of the horror genre's best new authors. The stories in Things Slip Through are rich with atmosphere and suspense, and author Kevin Lucia weaves in a compelling wraparound tale that adds new layers of significance. Lucia is a true craftsman of the horror story, with a fine sense of the genre's best traditions."

Norman Prentiss, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Invisible Fences and The Fleshless Man 

"Lucia's Things Slip Through serves itself up as both a short story collection and a complete, cohesive novel all at once--a chimeric concoction of honest, heartfelt, and truly frightening prose that should not be missed.  Highly recommended." 

Ronald Malfi, Bram Stoker Nominee, author of Floating Staircase

"Kevin Lucia has skillfully connected stories which could have worked equally well as stand alone tales. And in so doing he takes the reader into territory reminiscent of the worlds of Mulder & Skully, T.E.D. Klein, and H. P. Lovecraft, then drops them off to fend for themselves. This effective collection is not to be missed." 

Thomas Smith, award winning author of Something Stirs

"Violent and gritty, mysterious and frightening, Lucia spins out a consistent stream of tight prose. Constant tension and ever-building suspense, I could not put the book down."

Phillip Tomasso, bestselling author of Vaccination

"Like Grant's Oxrun Station series, Lucia's THINGS SLIP THROUGH had me in its firm, icy grip from page 1. It is written with style, peopled with well-drawn characters put up against the most harrowing situations imaginable. Each tale is part of a bigger narrative that is expertly mapped out to its shocking 5 star ending. A treat for any fan of quality horror. Don't let it slip by."

Dean Harrison, author of These Unquiet Bones

"The ultimate success of Things Slip Through is in its tone. These are some dark stories. And it's a credit to Lucia's talent that Things keeps moving. In his restraint, Lucia keeps us present with the people of his town instead of hammering us with too many thoughts or over-explanation. Writers do tend to be wordy, but Lucia keeps it lean and mean. That speaks of his confidence in his material."

Joseph Falank

"In Things Slip Through, Kevin Lucia is like a mad scientist; throwing everything he’s got to create an utterly singular, pulse-pounding tale that you just can’t put down. Using a literary and evocative voice, the reader finds their heart-beat jumping in sync with the characters as they scramble away from the ancient evils that hide in the darkness like a stalking butler."

Ben Eads

“…a collection of short fiction that gathers itself into what Ray Bradbury might’ve called ‘an accidental novel,’ a linked collection in which I know you’ll find a rich, dark resonance…”  

Larwence Santoro, Tales to Terrify

From the introduction:

"His (Kevin Lucia's) prose is as lean and’s a pleasure to read because it carries you along with the effortless pace of a massive freight train on seamless titanium rails...he writes with a clarity that is stark and real and you are left with images and emotions that do not leave you when you turn the page. In other words, Lucia writes tales that stick with you, that are memorable. And believe me, they are the best kind." 

 Bram Stoker Award Winning Author, USA Today Bestseller Tom Monteleone

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