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Thursday, July 25, 2019

New Short Story in Other Voices, Other Tombs

Live now, on Amazon: Other Voices, Other Tombs; featuring my latest Clifton Heights story, "A Circle that Ever Returneth," along with fiction from such fine folks as: Kealan Patrick Burke, Gemma Files, Ania Ahlborn, Mercedes Murdock Yardley, Michael Whitehouse, Michael Wehunt, Caytlyn Brooke, CW Briar, Cameron Chaney, Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason, Mike Duran, Gemma Amor, and J.D. McGregor. Edited by Joe Sullivan and John Brhel, from Cemetery Gates Media.

"Other Voices, Other Tombs is an anthology packed with unsettling stories from the finest independent authors in the horror genre. This collection runs the gamut of styles, including everything from literary horror to creepypasta. Ania Ahlborn, Kealan Patrick Burke, Michael Wehunt, Mercedes Yardley, and Gemma Files are widely considered some of the best authors working in dark fiction right now. Also included are stories from NoSleep Podcast legends: Gemma Amor, JD McGregor, and Michael Whitehouse. Other Voices, Other Tombs is a must-read for the Summer and Fall of 2019!"

This is another one of those very "personal" stories which found its roots in a real-life experience. If you've ever wondered how working at a can and bottle redemption center could be a tale of existential horror, wonder no more....

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