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Friday, September 30, 2016

I'm On The Horror Show

As I mentioned in my cover reveal of Mystery Road, my forthcoming novella from Cemetery Dance Publications, there are certain watermarks you set in pursuit of your writing career. Since its inception, I've thought often how I would love to appear on The Horror Show With Brian Keene

Well, last night it happened. My interview, recorded with Brian Keene last week, aired on The Horror Show. We talked about my writing inspirations, mixing writing with my faith, balancing all that with a family and a teaching career. Check it out on Project IRadio here.

Author Kevin Lucia discusses Christian horror fiction, developing an interconnected mythos, and balancing a writing career with a family life. Plus, our first prize giveaway, Herschell Gordon Lewis and Robert E. Weinberg in remembrance, John Carpenter breaks his silence on Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN remakes, James Patterson backs down from Stephen King, THE EXORCIST bombs, a plea to Elon Musk, and Dave and Brian debate the second season of MR. ROBOT.

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