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Thursday, September 29, 2016

"And I Watered It, In Tears" Becomes the Radio Play "Drowned."

A few years ago, after reading Danse Macabre by Stephen King, I looked up all the old horror radio plays he talked about - Dimension X, Quiet, Please; Inner Sanctum Mysteries, Dark Fantasy - and, to my delight, found them all archived on the internet in mp3 format. For two years, I downloaded and listened to every one I could find, loving them, all the while lamenting their passing. A thought occurred to me one day, however: "Podcasting offers the potential to bring this all back."

And today it has, thanks to Lamplight Radio Play, with the radio dramatization of my novella, And I Watered, In Tears, which first appeared in the debut volume of Lamplight Magazine, and eventually in my novella quartet, Through A Mirror, Darkly. Here it is with a full cast, sound effects, and all the trimmings: "Drowned." Enjoy!

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