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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bradbury Shelves, the Last

So, we've reached the end of my "Bradbury Shelves", and there's not much left to see.  Down in the middle bottom is another chunk of coral reef from the bay at Ocho Rios, Jamaica.  Next to that is a "Hiram" award I received from Tim Deal of Shroud Publishing, again, for my manic reviewing habits.  Next to that is REAL 60's era Mountain Dew bottle, sitting on top of the very first box of emptied pens, these depleted whilst writing Hiram Grange & The Chosen One.  

To the left of the coral reef is a shot glass - ironically,  a Christmas gift from a student's parent - which they brought back from their trip to St. Lucia.  Obviously, this spawned lots of lame jokes about it being my native land, and all.  On the shot glass, of course, is a ceramic bobble-head Hulk. Can't be without one of those.

Finishing things off, to the upper right, is the only baseball/softball glove I've ever owned.  In  high school I ran Track, but in junior high, I played slow pitch softball for our church team, and played sporadically through the years.  As you can imagine, it's pretty worn in, by now.  And, I took it to NECON several years ago for their annual softball game, which, because of the wicked heat, turned into a lack-luster batting contest instead.

AND, that's it.  However, I have a few more things in my office of interest that just speaks of my quirky tastes. 

I have a nice collection of animated movies, from garage sales, dollar stores, etc.They run the gamut: some original Marvel movies - Captain America, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk.  Also, a Highlander  movie, and some Justice League action.  While not a huge fantasy fan, there's the Lord of the Rings collection - the extended versions, too.  On top is the  original Transformers movie.  

Collection wouldn't be complete, of course, without Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, also The Matrix Trilogy,  Spider-man, Batman: The Dark Knight, the TV version of Stephen King's Salem's Lot - which I think is one of the better ones - and a nice box set of Transformers original series episodes.  On top that is the pilot episode for V.  I LOVED that show.

 Book-ending my movies are some real classics.  A G. I. Joe  tape I found at a garage sale, the almost required Evil Dead (Hail to the King, Baby!) Blade Runner, some installments in the decently done 90's X-Men series, and, the best snag: two collections of Flash Gordon.  

Now, Flash Gordon holds a special place in my heart, quite frankly.  It's the first cartoon I can remember waiting in bated breath for the next week's episode.  "We left the last episode with Flash and Gale trapped in the clutches of Emperor Ming! What's gonna happen now??"  

Plus, it was full of strange monsters, weird planets, different people...that, also, is a DVD collection I'm hunting down one of these days, when I've got the money to burn.

Last but not least are my Star Wars shelves.  At one time I prided myself on owning every single Star Wars novel written. Growing up, I was a Star Wars FANATIC. And for the longest time, there was NO Star Wars reading, past the Marvel comics series, the novelizations of the movies, (which I wore out), the Brian Daley Han Solo novels and the wonderful Splinter of the Mind's Eye, by Alan Dean Foster, which I discovered mostly by accident.

Then came Timothy Zahn and Heir to the Empire.  From that point on, I vowed to own every Star Wars novel published.  And for awhile, I stayed on track.  Wrote a lot of my own fan fic, too.  But eventually, I moved away from Star Wars, committed the cardinal sin, and lost track of the storylines.  To catch up, I'd have to blitz through probably 10 or 11 novels.  And maybe I will, someday.  

Anyway, even though I don't read them anymore, they still occupy a huge space in my genre background, simply because it was the first book series I almost obsessively followed.

And, that's it!  Hope you've enjoyed me expounding on the trivialities that make up my office.  Anyone else have a "Bradbury" shelf of their own?

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