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Saturday, November 22, 2014

BLACK FRIDAY SALE (That sorta starts now) Including FREE THINGS

I've never done this - mostly because I've always been a little afraid of the crickets of silence - but I've got a little hardened over the years, so here it goes:

BLACK FRIDAY SALE (That sorta starts now) Including FREE THINGS: 

I have 9 copies of DEVOURER OF SOULS, published by Ragnarok Publications. If you haven't had a chance to pick up either it, or my first short story collection Things Slip Through, here's my offer: $7.00 for the paperback of Devourer of Souls, (Amazon Price is $9.86) signed by my ownself, and I'll kick in a free ebook of Things Slip Through AND Devourer of Souls. This offer will be good until the end of Black Friday. Email me - kevin at kevin lucia dot com - for further details.  

"WITH DEVOURER OF SOULS, Kevin Lucia offers a deftly layered, authentic, and original tale of cosmic horror. If you are game for some supernatural shivers and true monsters, you'd do well to give Devourer of Souls a read." — Mary SanGiovanni, acclaimed author or THRALL and THE HOLLOWER 

“REMINDS ME OF STEPHEN KING'S NIGHT SHIFT era and other similar horror stories. Kevin Lucia shows signs of the same inventiveness and creativity as King...Lucia is a talented author and deserves more recognition among horror readers.” —Seregil of Rhiminee, 

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