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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Horror 101, Some Blurbs, and New Editor Position at The Horror Channel

A smattering of news bits this week. Friday the paperback edition of HORROR 101: THE WAY FORWARD went live on Amazon. I wasn't able to finish my essay in time for the ebook edition, but it's there in the paperback edition, entitled: "What Are You Reading?" 

I can't even consider myself a "seasoned professional" by any means, and I'm not sure if I'd ever be someone to take career advice from. But my essay is about the one thing I do feel comfortable talking about: how important reading is for young writers of all genres. Anyway, with a TOC boasting the likes of Ramsey Campbell, Jack Ketchum, Ellen Datlow and more, there are many others reasons to buy this besides my essay.
Secondly, I received my first official cover blurb for DEVOURER OF SOULS, another Clifton Heights book, due from Ragnorak Publications, June 30th, and I couldn't be happier who from: the wonderful Mary Sangiovanni. Her work has been very influential, she's a fabulous writer and a wonderful person, so I couldn't be happier. The full blurb is below:
With Devourer of Souls, Kevin Lucia offers a deftly layered, authentic, and original tale of cosmic horror.  Much as the monstrous otherworld of Sophan is neatly contained in a small black box, Lucia's story of lies and secrets, strengths and weaknesses, and the profound impact these things have on believable, endearing, achingly human characters is neatly presented to the reader in this one small book.  If you are game for some supernatural shivers and true monsters, you'd do well to give Devourer of Souls a read. - Mary Sangiovanni
Also, Bram Stoker Nominated author of SOLOMON'S GRAVE, Daniel Keohane left a great advance review on Goodreads. My favorite part is this:
Capturing the borderline world between innocence and adolescence in small town life, DEVOURER OF SOULS smoothly blends in dark, supernatural elements in a wonderfully honest way. I’m reminded of Stephen King’s early work. In a genre where fictional characters are too quick to accept the supernatural, here there is doubt, a fight against the inevitable badness that’s coming. 
Here's an updated cover with Mary's blurb. Once again, I'm fortunate enough to have an awesome cover...

Finally, I'm beyond pleased to announce my new Associate Editor's gig at The Horror Channel, working with fellow Borderlands Bootcamp graduate and editor/author Michael Bailey, working under the legendary Tom Monteleone. I'm looking forward to the work before us.

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