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Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Mention, Really, Not A Review...

My poetry is never going to win rave reviews.  In fact, it barely gets written at all, mostly because I've only got time to focus on prose and that's it, although next year I'm hoping to partake in all that 365 days of Creativity madness, try to write one poem a day for a whole year, no matter how crappy.  We'll see.

Anyway, was made aware of a review of a poetry collection I placed one of my rare poems in.  Doesn't really review my poem, but does drop my name.  And again, no one is going to run out and buy any of my poetry, but if you believe in the small and independent press - especially the literary independent press - visit the link to buy a copy of the following edition of Solo Cafe. I'm sure they'd appreciate the support.

Solo Café 8&9

Gerald Locklin • Laura Boss • Earl Sherman Braggs • Sally Buckner • George Burns • Kelly Cherry • Perie Longo • Ray Gonzalez • Michael S. Harper • George Kalamaras • Carol Lem • Kevin Lucia • Teddy Macker • Shayla Hawkins • Michael McFee • Maria Melendez • Susan Meyers • Lenard D Moore • Terre Ouwehand • Randy W Pait • Nancy Simpson • Barry Spacks • Lamont Steptoe • Gina Streaty • Jerry W. Ward, Jr • Bruce Weigl • Carolyn Beard Whitlow • Mary Ann Cain • John Bradley • Joseph Gastiger • Patrick Lawler • Karen McKinnon • David Rigsbee • John Tritica • Shelby Stephenson• Mel Weisburd • Jackson Wheeler

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