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Friday, April 29, 2011

Interview with Norman Partridge, author of "Dark Harvest" - Part 2, and Missing WHC 2011

First, my students' continuing interview - and an inspired sketch of Sawtooth Jack himself - with Norm on his blog this morning.  More next week.

Next, missing World Horror Conference, 2011.

I had this big blog planned.  About feeling stuck in the sand.  About unfulfilled dreams and unrealized goals.  About how I'm a big whiny baby too concerned about things I can't change. I decided to can that and go with the short version.

Three years ago I embarked on the Con circuit, coinciding with my serious efforts as a writer.  Attended 6 Con-ish events my first year.  Scaled back, attended only 4 the next.

Problem was, I had leftover loan money from grad school to pay a lot of the travel bills.  So I got set up with a false impression of what it would really be like to pay out of pocket for all this.

Reality has hit now.  I'm a little more acquainted with the realities of Con travel, and also the truth that WRITING is more important than anything else.  Plus, I've discovered I'm still very ambivalent about being away from my family a lot.   And I know that measuring my career progress by Con attendance is a HONKING mistake.

And I know I'll still have Horrorfind and AnthoCon.

But still.


I'll stop now, before the full-scale pouting begins.  I'll make it to World Horror or Stoker Weekend someday.  Maybe 2013.  Until then....



  1. It's a date. And the first round will be on me!

  2. Whenever I have to miss a con I really want to attend, I just channel my inner Mr. T from ROCKY III: "I live alone. I train alone. I win the title alone."

    Hope that works for you, pard.


  3. Thanks Norm. It does. Because in the end, that's what it's all about, isn't it?

  4. Yep. Writing is not a team sport. That's the reason a keyboard is built for one.