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Friday, February 4, 2011

READ THIS! - American Frankenstein: First Novels and Micro-Runs, Part 2

I find the more I learn and experience in the publishing industry, the more I don't like, the more stuff I disagree with. This has become especially true in the past year, and even truer in regards to the horror small press.

See, here's the catch - and I'm gonna run the risk of someone chewing my butt on this one, but so be it - there's a real big "do as I say, don't do as I do" or "this is the best thing ever in horror and if you disagree with me, I'm going to smack you down" vibe that's rippled across the horror genre in the past year or so. From my perspective. Maybe it's always been there, and I'm just late on the scene. Anyway, Leisure's collapse has only made this worse.

I'm not gonna name names and point fingers. I don't do that. But I know that the more I've scoped out this whole "collectible" vibe in horror, the more of a bad taste it's left in my mouth. I mean, here's the deal.

I'm poor.

Really poor. (Catholic School Teacher poor, because...hey, that's what I do).

And in the last year, there've been a lot of great books by authors I love that I couldn't buy because they were too expensive.

And as a poor person myself, I would never want to ask someone to pay that kind of money for something that I wrote.  No matter how good I eventually get, I'll never feel as if I deserve that kind of acclaim.

Anyway. Norm's post hits all the frustrated feelings I've been having over this for the past year, to the word. READ ON!

American Frankenstein: First Novels and Micro-Runs, Part 2: "If you want the whole Slippin' Into Darkness story, click on over to my website and check out my essay, 'The Care and Feeding of First Novel..."

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